specialmoves branding

Specialmoves creates brilliant interactive experiences across the web, mobile and in the real world. Founded in 1999, they’re one of the original digital studios. Today they’re known for delivering complex interactivity for people like Rolex, Kaiser Chiefs, Channel 4 and Manchester City Football Club.

My brief was to steer them through a key organisational development stage and ultimately to define and present a more premium, authoritative and confident Specialmoves to the industry. After several months of planning, immersion and research, we had worked through a new company positioning and vision that was shared with the team. It was at this stage we could start rebuilding the brand from the inside out. Firstly, we worked with a branding partner to develop a new memorable identity and brand tool kit that met our brief.

Next we evolved our external presentation and tone of voice. And naturally, as a digital company, we needed to showcase our high-end web design expertise and tell our story brilliantly through a new digital experience. Our ambition with the site was to showcase projects in a high impact way, to champion our R&D efforts and to bring to life the Specialmoves culture and personality. From a technical perspective, we designed and built a slick responsive design experience giving you a beautiful and consistent experience across phone, tablet or computer.

The end result has been really successful and we’ve had great feedback from clients, peers and prospective employees, and some impressive web traffic. The company now has a fresh and clear perspective of what it stands for, where it’s heading and how we speak to the outside world. There’s a new sense of purpose and energy that’s driving the company forward. Beyond developing and implementing the new ID and communications, my work with Specialmoves continued through development and activation of a marketing plan devised to achieve the new company vision and philosophy.