Specialmoves v Haque


During my 2 years at Specialmoves, I worked with the founders to prioritise and initiate self-funded R&D experiments. The reason? There are many. Most importantly to learn new tech and to create fresh work for the portfolio.

For this experiment I approached Usman Haque, the man behind great projects like Burble and Primal Source, to collaborate with us on a 2 week R&D experiment. I also approached onedotzero’s founder Shane Watson to support our ambitious experiment.

Up front we agreed that our aim was to create a prototype that empowered people to redesign their city. And to mark the end of the 2 week hack with an event in London to test our installation in front of an invited audience.

We created something to test and share within 24 hours and iterated from there. At our disposal were two developers, one UX’er, one concepter, three projectors, five laptops, one big idea, ten working days and one all-important screwdriver.

The result was DIY City 0.01a, an early-stage prototype for a future mass-participation performance. In the project, the very streets themselves, and the buildings that look upon them, become the canvas for an urban-scale three dimensional projection – a graphical environmental ‘wiki’ through which people reimagine and redesign in real-time the spaces of their city.

Watch the film.