Specialmoves and Creative Review

For my client, Specialmoves, I initiated, produced and promoted a collaboration with Creative Review (the leading magazine for visual communication) and Tate Britain.

Once the partnership was set up we defined a joint brief to create an interactive live experience for Creative Review’s Tweet Up at Tate Britain. Working with both Creative Review and Tate, we created a digital drawing game called Consequences. The game is powered by an HTML5 web app made for iPad. Using a stylus you could select 3 drawing thicknesses, 2 pen colours and 4 coloured Vorticist brushes.

So whether you’re an illustrator or more of a stickman ‘artist’ you could create something anywhere between half decent and utterly brilliant. On the night 150 Twitter fans came to Tweet, drink and be merry and enjoy exclusive entry to the Vorticists exhibition. Visitors sketched away on the iPads and their drawings appeared real time on the walls of the Tate. And as more people got involved the work expanded until the artwork was completed at the end of the night.

The entire digital artwork mash up was fantastic. Check out our movie from the night and read the CR write up on their blog.