Lisa Snook

I worked with Lisa Snook for over 12 months. First up I initiated a site-specific art project with our friends from Quintessentially at The House of St Barnabas in Soho.

We then turned our attention to creating a visual identity. To create a look and feel that would build the complex story of her work and offer the professionalism and visual consistency she was looking for.

Simultaneously, we developed a digital presence. The brief was clear: to create a site that was feminine, surreal and didn’t feel ‘off-the-shelf’, and predictable, as other artists’ sites so often do. We wanted to create a Snook experience.

The outcome is a powerful visual aesthetic that is classic, subversive and intriguing. The site showcases all elements of her practice in a clean and enjoyable experience. The artist is in full control of managing the site on a day-to-day basis through a simple content management system.

Importantly we’ve created a platform that allows for large-scale views of her work, categorised in a simple manner. The design makes the site feel uniquely Snook. And small details such as the tea cup animation in the fairytale section add an extra layer of craft and detail to the experience.

‘Working with Caroline has been like a breath of fresh air. Her energy and unscripted enthusiasm brings ideas and projects to life. She has a knowing sense of people and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to marketing and getting an idea talked about. Her encouragement and support have been invaluable.’

Lisa Snook