Institute of Contemporary Arts

  • I initiated and negotiated a year long collaboration between the ICA and Sony Ericsson
  • 60 icons of our time were invited to capture their vision of tomorrow on a Sony Ericsson cameraphone for a project we called ‘All Tomorrow’s Pictures’
  • Contributors included Tracey Emin, Peter Blake, Polly Morgan, Alison Goldfrapp and Jake and Dinos Chapman
  • I developed a fully integrated 360 degree campaign that included visual identity, press advertising, website, gala event, auction, exhibition, coffee table book and 6 films
  • The campaign was a huge success generating £15k for the ICA’s new commissions fund and reaching 20 million people

“I had the great pleasure of working with Caroline on a project for Sony Ericsson. Caroline led the team at Iris coordinating the entire project, managing her colleagues, the ICA as a partner and Brando the client’s retained PR agency at the time. Her skills as an account manager and ideas wrangler were the cornerstone of the project’s success, understanding the artistic and creative integrity the ICA brought and balancing that with the needs of her client so all stake-holders were more than satisfied. Caroline’s personality only serves to reinforce her business performance – she is warm, outgoing and lighthearted while still remaining always professional and always with her head firmly in the game.”

Alasdair MacGregor, Development Manager, Institute of Contemporary Arts

“There’s not many people who can make things happen and make people happy while they’re doing it – but Caroline’s definitely one of them. Her creativity and enthusiasm are so strong that she propels even the most difficult projects into fruition. Just look to the major blue-chip with a track record of pop-star sponsorships for whom Caroline created a cutting edge partnership art project with the ICA. No mean feat by anyone’s standards. Our loss is the art world’s gain.”March 9, 2010

Ben Essen, London Planning Director, iris Worldwide worked directly with Caroline at iris nation