Create Jobs

I’ve been itching to work on a youth community project for some time so I’m very happy to be working on this. Create Jobs got me on board due to my strong background in youth marketing – thanks guys.

Essentially, my brief is to engage hard to reach youth using social media. First up I used Google ad planner to confirm that 75% of our audience are on Facebook but only 1% are on Twitter and LinkedIn. Where to focus from a strategic point of view is clear.

Next, I detailed best practice principles on engaging this audience (often difficult for the not-for-profit sector) and how to behave on Facebook. I then constructed a content plan, proposed additional content suggestions and suggested ways to generate awareness.

Now the real work is underway. My team consists of  a copywriter, an art director, a social media planner and a developer and together we have created the Facebook page and assets including an HTML launch graphic; a Create Jobs tone of voice document to guide the team internally on do’s; don’ts; a film brief; a brief for the content we’d like our participants to create and very soon the Facebook advertising will kick off.

My team and I are very much looking forward to introducing fresh, diverse talent into our industry. Watch this space!