October 14th, 2010

Do they think we’re stupid?

There’s nothing worse than lazy marketing, with lazy insight and a message totally out of synch with the times. I mean really, who creates and commissions this tosh?

Here are two fine examples of how not to advertise.

1/ The Cathay Pacific ad says to me ‘we’re out of touch and haven’t a clue’ or ‘if you want to be looked after very happy & pretty ladies, we’re the airline for you’. Absolute piffle…insulting piffle. This convinces me of nothing.

2/ The Taiwan ad says to me ‘we’re a land of lovely, happy smiley ladies that love dayglo makeup’. No, I will not got to Taiwan because of this. Are you off your heads? You’re not selling sex or makeup…are you?

(Sorry, I deleted the photo on my phone. It made me angry.)

Can I remind the drones who are churning out this appalling work that women make 80% of ALL purchase decisions. We’re not really an audience you can afford to alienate. Please stop acting like you or we are stupid.

Right I’ll get off my soapbox now. That feels better.

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