April 23rd, 2010

Banksy on Revolutionary Times in the Art World

Hmmm….revolution seems to be my word of the day! Must be after all that ranting and frustration over last night’s political debate. I digress…

Banksy’s directorial debut ‘Exit through the Gift Shop’ was billed as ‘the first great art-world disaster movie’.  It’s a remarkable parody of the quintessential artist of our time. Here’s a snippet from his recent interview with Wired.

Banksy: ‘Thierry essentially trespassed into the art business, and even in the wild world of vandalism there’s a lot of conservatism — people don’t like to see the rules being broken. The story of Mr. Brainwash should be inspirational, and in the hands of a more cheerful director it probably would’ve been. The film might come across as a bit cynical, but it’s important not to forget these are revolutionary times in art.

There’s a whole new audience out there, and it’s never been easier to sell it, particularly at the lower levels. You don’t have to go to college, drag ’round a portfolio, mail off transparencies to snooty galleries or sleep with someone powerful. All you need now is a few ideas and a broadband connection. This is the first time the essentially bourgeois world of art has belonged to the people. We need to make it count.’

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