September 07th, 2011

A Room For London

A Room for London stands perched on top of the Southbank’s Purcell Room with commanding views of Thames. Commissioned by Art Angel & Living Architecture, this space is set to inspire Londonders to contribute their problem-solving ideas to make the city a better place.

If you have a brilliant idea for London go here to win the opportunity to stay overnight and brainstorm your ideas with creatives and intellectuals et al. Alternatively, you can book yourself in for a night’s stay at £120.

Someone will stay in here every night from tomorrow until the end of the Olympics. And someone might just come up with some ingenious solutions to improve London’s future at the same time. I’m in!

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September 02nd, 2011

How To Use Facebook To Market Your Brand

A couple of good infographics distilling fan hierarchy and explaining the Facebook newsfeed algorithm.

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September 02nd, 2011

Dunhill AR project

Another great iPad project, this time from Dunhill. AR (augmented reality) is still seen by many digital companies as gimmicky & tech for tech’s sake but I think we’re turning a corner. I’d love to see iPad used in this way in art galleries so you could really immerse yourself in the work. Imagine…

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September 02nd, 2011

New ways to visualise music

Welcome to one of Stephen Malinkowski’s many YouTube exploits. Part of his life-times pursuit of visualising music in new ways. The prolific Californian composer & inventor was tasked with creating something for Bjork’s Biophilia project, I blogged about a short while back, which through the creative process became an ipad app. Inspiring stuff, I’m sure you’ll agree.

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September 02nd, 2011

Lisa Snook: new brand ID and website

Lisa Snook is a British artist who has an incredible body of work that challenges and subverts notions of femininity, death, sex and religion. Until very recently, however, her work has been tucked away in her studio, residing in photographs on her laptop and generally fragmented and hidden from view.

That’s all changed. Her entire practice from the fairytales, to installations, to larger scale sculptures and what she’s working on right now – it’s all on her site: We created a surreal and intriguing brand identity for her. And designed a digital experience that would feel a far cry from the stark template driven sites so many artists use.

Our process was to create a unique space where visitors can enjoy her work and get a strong sense of Snook and her practice. The work is always the hero but with an investment in considered design and technical enhancements, such as the fairytale tea cup animation, we’ve hopefully told the story of this artist in a more powerful and engaging way. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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