July 18th, 2011

Bjork’s Biophilia Project

Bjork is one of the most insanely creative artists out there. So I, for one, cannot wait to really get my hands on her new multimedia album project Biophilia. From what I’ve seen & heard it’s going to be ground-breaking and brilliant. And quite frankly I’m desperate for the art world, and therefore artists, to really understand how exciting creative tech collaborations can be to explore new forms of creativity – whether that be on ipad or another platform – it could be mind-bending!

As for the project, well the description is intentionally loose. A new way to consume music? A single game-like experience for each track? The aim seems to combine strands of science & math & nature & sound to create something creative and inspiring…and educational. As Bjork puts it: ‘I think I’m probably semi-autistic or something – I’m just obsessed with riddles,” Björk says. “It felt like the music industry was off the grid, and I wanted to solve the riddle.”

I blimin’ can’t wait to find out more. She’s one smart lady. Shall we head to Iceland to help on her next project?

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