July 16th, 2010

Nike – Lace Up and Save Lives

This is such a great initiative and I continue to be blown away by how Nike comms continually raise the bar – you’ve got bad ass csr, eye watering film after film, they’ve handed the red campaign to the masses…..not to mention the fact they’ve utterly stolen the World Cup crown from under Adidas’s nose. Pure class.

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July 06th, 2010

Stephen Bayley – old school pompousness

Don’t let this charming photo deceive you, this man is on a mission and is likely to take out anyone who gets in his way. I went to a CMW Bacon Club talk last night and was looking forward to a talk from Bayley. Amongst a list of fine accolades he is/has been Chief Exec of the Design Museum, Creative Director of the Millenium Dome, as well as architecture and design correspondent of The Observer etc.

During his talk he failed once to talk about or champion design. Instead it was a vulgar crusade of me, me, me followed by bitch, bitch, bitch. I left the talk feeling disappointed, horrified and somewhat violated in equal measure. Thank goodness I’m not from that school of thought. C_R_A_P.

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