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Glug: Things to Make & Do

My broad strategic objective was to raise awareness of A&B to the brand and agency community. One of my recommendations was to host a monthly creative networking event called Glug held at Cargo, Shoreditch.

Natalie Melton (Commercial Director) and I worked together to curate an inspiring evening of talks that would introduce us to the commercial creative community and position us as central to bringing business and the arts together. Our theme was ‘Things to Make & Do’, giving us license to provide a glimpse of the quality & diversity of the inspiring A&B network.

All 500 tickets sold quickly, the hype was palpable and a queue formed hours before the venue opened. Jasper Conran & Creative Review tweeted and blogged about our event and the organisers hailed it as their most successful Glug to date.

Creative Review’s Eliza Williams spoke about Indian taxi art, Mark Davy from Futurecity wowed everyone with shots of Mark Wallinger’s Ebfleet horse, Catherine Lock spoke about last in a line of UK craft makers, Toby Barnes talked about turning Romeo & Juliet into a Twitter production and Rory from Designers Block bamboozled the crowd with tales of botching furniture in the woods of Milan.

We also had live illustration in the bar area by Unseen Agency and Mr Smith made Limited Edition posters for everyone to take away at the end of the night. I’ve never seen anything like it…it can only be described as the great poster grab!

I worked with a very talented art director to pull together the branding for our event and the poster. Creative Review helped to build up the hype by posting images from Mr Smith’s studio to show the letterpress poster in development.

The event was a tremendous success and opened a lot of new conversations and contacts up to A&B. Do take a look at the time-lapse film to see for yourself.