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Cultural Collaborations in the Digital Age

My brief from Commercial Director Natalie Melton was to increase awareness of A&B to a new audience of brand and agency decision makers. Secondly, it was to position A&B as thought leaders in the digital cultural space.

My recommendation was to take the new ‘evolution of partnerships’ report and tailor it to the brand / agency audience. By improving the imagery, reducing the content, by getting to their areas of interest quickly and by clearly painting opportunities to grow their business, we turned this report into something really valuable for this community.

Next it was a question of how best to construct a message and a campaign that would create standout and imbue this report with a sense of importance and urgency. Ultimately, we needed to get people to act, to visit the web page and download report (target of 500 downloads).

To appeal to this media savvy audience we needed to create something visually arresting with a strong call to action.  Working alongside the V&A and Jason Bruges studio we secured some really strong imagery from Decode and then alongside my copywriter and art director we built the creative campaign from there.

With the report and creative signed off, I then turned my attention to the media planning and buying challenge. I saw this as a great opportunity to test and learn. Knowing the brand / agency audience well I selected on and offline media to capture a breadth of decision-makers from different disciplines likely to be instigators of cultural collaborations.

The campaign ran in Creative Review, Marketing, Campaign, New Media Age, PR Week and Contagious Magazine.  There was a combination of print to accompany planned digital editorial, alongside digital banner campaigns and social media pushes to drive direct response.

The campaign creative and results speak for themselves. During the campaign period we increased traffic to the site by 20%, we smashed the download target of 500 achieving 1,800+ downloads. And in terms of awareness we reached 496,000 people who probably hadn’t heard of A&B until then. Importantly, through my evaluation I could also recommend how to make the budget work harder moving forward.