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Strength, Courage, Skill: Frontline Fundraising 2011

To promote A&B’s Fundraising Symposium, intended to up-skill fundraisers to tackle the 2011 funding landscape, the Silver Space Pillows team generated a thought provoking ad campaign and media plan to promote ticket sales for their 200 capacity event.

It was important for A&B to take a strong, confident stance and to proactively look to support the cultural sector. The industry was facing huge cuts and A&B was going to be no exception. More than ever, A&B needed to take an active, supportive and progressive stance. It needed to get out there, be visible and facilitate cross-sector best-practice learning and sharing.

We jumped at the opportunity to talk about the year ahead and provide practical advice in Third Sector’s January colour supplement and ran ads through key media to galvanise the fundraising community and raise awareness of the Symposium.

The print campaign ran in key titles such as Third Sector, Fundraising Magazine and National Campaign for the Arts. The digital campaign ran on Arts Professional, Charities Direct and Plus we exploited free listing sites and secured trade press coverage.

The creative campaign was designed to be visually arresting, intelligent and empowering. And we created a look and feel for the Symposium that carried through brilliantly to the event itself.

In terms of results, we reached 342,000 people and sold all 200 tickets. The sentiment of our ad campaign trickled through the whole event and set the agenda for inspiring and motivating the fundraisers present to tackle the challenges to come.